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Woodn is a worldwide company that offers solutions for the design and building industry, satisfying the highest aesthetic and quality standards. The capability of Woodn to develop projects, becomes essential to allow the architect to materialize his ideas.
Woodn, thanks to its flexibility and productive know-how, stays close to the architect since the initial stages. The Woodn systems shape themselves on each architectural concept.


Woodn is a composite material, consisting of a wood and PVC-based polymer alloy.
The wood used for all WOODN projects comes from FSC certificated supply, which identifies responsability sourced wood from ethically managed forests. WOODN adheres to strict environmental, social and economic standards for products of beech and spruce wood.
The result of this alchemy is a technical wood, which can help overcome the limits of wood, enhancing durability and preventing the need for constant maintenance, while keeping its natural look and materiality.