Designed to be different interior design exterior 

Open Revel System

The Open Reveal System (ORS) is unique due to its 3/8" channel that runs through all the edges and reveals. Designers looking for a functional reveal that stands out prefer this system. The channels contain "teeth" that not only provide elegant detailing, but also give the extrusion the ability to grab on to hooks or clips placed in the channel, allowing artwork, photography, or presentations to hang and be easily removed without damaging the wall panels. The ORS offers three outside corners and can also utilize stainless steel corners or any of the outside corners available in other systems.

Universal Architectural System

The Universal Architectural system was designed with the end-user in mind. This system allows panels to be removed and replaced with ease. By simply installing all of the aluminum trim, an installer can complete all the prep-work before the panels arrive. This system is designed to allow each panel to be securely hung in place without relying on its neighbors.

Recessed Revel System

The Recessed Reveal system is the newest of our WPS systems. Instead of aluminum extrusions, this unique system typically uses the dense phenolic panels; however, any dense material can be used. This system offers the most design flexibility and can accommodate reveals of 1/16″ up to 1 or 2 inches. The reveal material can be black (as pictured), or it can be the same color as the panel to give a more polished appearance. Choose any two-color combination to create an attractive accent wall.

Wall Panel Systems

In order to make our WPS systems complete, we have partnered with some of the leading panel manufacturers to bring you an extensive panel selection that suits the diverse needs in the design community. WPS offers a variety of panel types designed for full wall or wainscot interior applications that provide high durability, low maintenance, aesthetic impact and low cost installation. 

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