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Mitrex Solar Facades

BIPV Cladding Sytem

Building-Integrated Solar Facades

Mitrex Solar Facades use the power of the sun to produce clean electricity. In addition, these products feature various backing systems, allowing for lightweight, high-strength panels.

Mitrex cladding panels are an energy-efficient solution for both existing and also new facades. Particularly from design and building perspectives, Mitrex BIPV systems have limitless applications. These panels transform typical, single-purpose building materials into multi-purpose cladding that acts as an energy generating building envelope.

Designs and Patterns

Superior Installation

Compatible with 

Our Solar Facade systems are quick and easy to install. In addition, we provide complete installation services through our in-house and certified partners, including insulation, panel mounting, electrical connections, and finishing the facade. More importantly, our automated and equipment-based install services allow for a minimal disturbance on the job site.

Other Solar Applications

Solar Glass

Solar Railings

Mitrex Solar Glass optimizes design and functionality by bringing people closer to the natural world while serving an additional purpose— energy generation. Mitrex Solar Glass can be used in place of regular glass without compromising on aesthetics or performance in various applications.

Mitrex solar railings guarantee strength, durability, safety, and beauty. The railing system can also be customized to meet the desired aesthetic; from the level of transparency to the tint of the balcony glass to the metal handrails and posts, a wealth of options are available to suit any design.


Panel Sizes

In addition, another major limitation of most solar panels is that they are restricted to a standard panel size because of design, supply chain, or manufacturing constraints. Consequently, restrictions in panel size hamper the ability of architects to design buildings with complete creative freedom.



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